Jr. Olympians

Welcome to Be Somebody Gym's Kids

Weightlifting Program, designed by our owner and current USA Olympian weightlifter, Wes Kitts!

Prepare your young champions to reach new heights with a program that blends inspiration and dedication.

Here's what

Champion Mentorship:

Your children will be guided by Wes Kitts himself, a real-life Olympic weightlifter who knows what it takes to succeed on the world stage.

For All Skill Levels:

Whether your child is a budding weightlifting prodigy or brand new to the sport, our program caters to all skill levels, fostering growth and progress.

Unleash Potential:

Watch your kids build strength, coordination, and discipline as they train in a supportive, encouraging, and fun environment.

Inspiration in Action:

Being coached by an Olympian like Wes Kitts provides young athletes with a unique and inspiring opportunity to learn from the best.

Confidence and Determination:

Beyond the barbell, kids in our program gain confidence, life skills, and the determination to tackle any challenge.

Get ready

be somebody.

Get ready to see your child’s potential soar as they embark on this journey in the world of weightlifting. Join the Be Somebody Gym family and empower your young athletes to be champions on and off the platform. Enroll in the Kids Weightlifting Program today and be part of something extraordinary!


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