Video Analysis
from 75.00
  • 1 Video Break-Down
    • Slow motion, movement/position correction
  • 1 Detailed Write-Up
    • Look into your positions and movements
    • Corrections in your movement patterns
    • Any deficiencies that need to be addressed
    • Assistance work you should incorperate
  • 2 Email Responses (To cover any questions)
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My Guarantee

I promise you will find your analysis valuable! If you do not we will schedule a video chat in which we can discuss your concerns. If at the end of the chat you feel you still have not received the information necessary to improve I will give you a full refund. I want you to be confident in your decision to allow me to critique your lifts. I want you to know that I am confident in my ability to make you a better weightlifter.

You will not be disappointed!

What to Expect

Video Analysis. Such a general term. It can mean almost anything. What is so crazy is this term is being used everywhere with minimal explanation and people expect you to pay them to do it. I want you to know exactly what you will receive when you purchase video analysis from me. The first piece of your analysis is a video. In this video I will be going through your lift in slow motion, pausing at the areas of concern and correcting any deficiencies in the movement. This video will be informative but not even the most important piece of the analysis. Secondly, you will receive a write up. This write up will include screen shots of you during your lift. I will go over your positions and how you moved through them in great detail. I will give you strategies to correct any issues. This includes any flexibility or accessory work that you should consider. In short you will receive a full guide on what to do to maximize your potential as a weightlifter. There will be no more guess-work when it comes to your technique or what you need to work on to improve. 

  • Video Review
    • Going over lift in slow motion
    • Pausing at areas of concern and making corrections
  • Write Up
    • Screen shots of your positions
    • Position and movement corrections and enforcement
    • Strategies for correction
    • List of mobility work that should be incorporated
    • List of accessory work that should be added to your current programming