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My Guarantee

All three options for training listed above are intended to provide you with the tools to better yourself. I assure you, that no matter which option you choose, you will improve as a weightlifter. There are many options on the internet these days that are attempting to streamline and monetize the world of online training but those who understand the way that sports work, know that a commitment to your coach is just as important as a coaches commitment to you as an athlete. If you are going to get a trainer, commit to one with experience. Someone who really knows the sport. I will work for YOU and I genuinely care that YOU see results.

The California Strength Guarantee

The California Strength Programs on TrainHeroic are built every cycle personally by Dave Spitz.  Don't know who Dave Spitz is? Well you should!  USAW Senior International Coach, Programmer, husband and father (to all of us annoying weightlifters) and three kids,  If you're not on one of California Strength's lifting programs, there is no time to waste!  Join for a year and save.