Dave got me a new super to train with! It's lots of responsibility...

Guitar lessons! 🎸

Guitar lessons! 🎸

As some of you may have heard, Cal Strength has recently added some new talent to the in house lineup. The new talent pool consists of a 105+ (a.k.a. Sam the Super) and a -85. So basically the super is all mine to train with. The only downside is right now he's a handful. Sam the super is under weight at the moment and if he's ever gonna push me he'll have to grow some. I've been making him drink lots of chocolate Fairlife and eat lots of meat. Also I fed him some beers last weekend for training hard his first week. Sam has had some prior back issues so I've also had to help him keep it safe while retraining him in the lifts. He's pretty smart about not doing too much too soon but I still keep a close eye on him.  He is pretty well versed in the lifts, but we've done some fine tuning. Emotionally he's doing pretty well. He had a minor lapse when Dave told him, "You're not a slap dick training in the back of some gym anymore! Dress like a weightlifter." He later came to realize it was just Dave making an early power move to demonstrate dominance. 

Taking care of Sam hasn't been all work though. He's pretty cool to chill with and train with. Also he's moving quite a bit of weight despite only working off a percentage of what he's capable. One of my favorite things is that he brought a guitar and he's been teaching me to play it. I suck, but he has to keep teaching me because he lives at my house and I'll continue playing poorly and loudly until he makes me better. The Cal Strength family and I are really excited about Sam Duval and can't wait to see what he does once he's in shape. After we slap some weight on him and get him training on our programs in our environment, he'll do some cool stuff. Many big lifts to come for this dude!

8 Things About Sam: (Because he couldn't think of 10😂)

He started weightlifting in 2015

His athletic background includes rugby, volleyball, water polo, and eventually Crossfit before leading him to weightlifting

He was a firefighter for CALFIRE from 2012-2016

His best lifts are 160/190 in training. Currently he is 6'5" 119kg but we're hoping to get his body weight to 135kg eventually

He has been playing guitar since he was 10 years old, and is a die hard Red Hot Chili Peppers fan

His favorite song is "get on top" because they shout out Sammy D in the first verse of the song. Coincidence? I think not...

Sam is new to weightlifting but excited to start competing  for Cal Strength once he gets his back healthy.

Check out his instagram @samduval  

150kg (330#) Snatch



Bulking Up 💪🏽 

Bulking Up 💪🏽