6 Weeks Out AO 2016: Preparing for My First American Record

I really hate that I didn't write anything during the meet preparation. Honestly I was very focused on training and wasn't sure if anyone would be interested in reading the random things I decide to think about and write. As of January 2017 I decided it doesn't really matter if anyone cares, as long as writing could make me the least bit smarter.  


Before we started the Prep Cycle I had spoke to Dave about expectations. We talked bout planning every Friday night attempt in all the six weeks of the cycle. That way every Friday appropriate jumps in weight would be made to optimize attempts. Also I've found that setting expectations and invisioning your goals helps make them a reality. If you put a number in your head and tell yourself you need to hit it, then you will do everything you can all week to set yourself up for success. This is exactly what happened. Every single Friday for six weeks I didn't miss a single attempt. I'm going to list the goals made for the cycle to the best of my ability, but they aren't right on. Just close as I can remember.

Wk1: 162/198, Wk2: 166/202, Wk3: 170/206 , Wk4: 166/202, Wk5: 174/210, Wk6: 176/212

We had been in somewhat of a strength cycle so we had not taken many heavy weights leading into this, but we had been building up to them. Week 1 was pretty easy. Had some errors warming up, but the weight was not heavy enough to need great technique in either lift. I was able to muscle through the numbers and went into Week 2 knowing my Snatch injection needed work. Continued through the cycle improving my Snatch technique each week and feeling more comfortable with bigger weights. Made it into the deload (Week 4) without any problems. Taking it easy for a week did make me nervous though because we were taking some fat jumps after the deload.

Taking a week not feeling any really heavy weights just made me apprehensive about Week 5 since I was supposed to hit 2 PR's. Went into that week already nervous about Friday. Not only were the lifts going to be PR's, but 174kg Snatch marked an unofficial American Record. I really wanted to keep my no miss streak going and I REALLY wanted that Snatch. I did everything perfect all week. Minimized stress, ate well, and got plenty of sleep. Everything was teed up perfectly. I had my warm up attempts planned and plenty of adrenaline. I had planned a 10kg jump from 164kg and the only way I was going to get to take it was if all my Snatches went perfectly. I didn't miss a single lift! Went all the way to 174kg and crushed it. By crushed it I mean I got behind the bar a little and then pressed it out because I wanted with all my heart to make it and wouldn't let myself miss. It felt incredible to finally hit it! However, I knew I still had more to do and somehow was able to stay calm and composed leading into Clean and Jerks. My focus didn't waiver. I felt no complacency. Somehow...


Going into Clean and Jerks I was feeling very confident. I couldn't remember the last time I missed a Clean or a Jerk and we had been going heavy on them for a little while. I know 210kg would be real heavy, however I also knew I couldn't miss. I was very tired, but still all the lifts went off without a hitch. I took big jumps to 190kg then 200kg and 210kg from there. I got pretty amped up for 200kg no crushed it. While recovering I wasn't sure I had enough gas in the tank to take one more big attempt. I think I just knew deep down what it meant to make this PR Clean and Jerk and the huge total. Also the expectations from my coach and keeping the streak perfect meant quite a bit as well. I put my goals on the board and I wasn't going to let 1 lift stop me from crushing Week 5. I made the lift and I don't think me or Dave could believe I had hit those numbers. It was truly awesome! 

Saturday after that huge PR session Dave said to me, "We're going to take it easy next week. I honestly didn't think you could do that. You shouldn't have been able to; you should've needed at least two Friday's to hit those numbers." I was definitely relieved. That Max Out Friday definitely tanked me and was the ultimate cortisol dump, but I hit my numbers I needed. I was ready to go to the AO. I was ready to get my first OFFICIAL AMERICAN RECORD! We then finished the final week of the cycle and went into the 2 Week Taper. I had what I needed. 

 174kg Snatch - https://instagram.com/p/BNIhmkgDFBw/

210kg Clean and Jerk -  https://instagram.com/p/BNEOdTWjbNh/