2017 Jacked and Tan Cycle (Part 1)

End of Deload (Week 1-4): 


So far this strength cycle has been pretty chill. The weights aren't too heavy, but the reps are high. The squats aren't even what makes this cycle so tough. Really, it's the volume on the lifts that beat me up. Obviously there are a few squat workouts that aren't great for me (4x6@200-215), but the 3 Cleans  + 1 Jerk are much tougher. There is also some Snatch complexes in the mix that can get a little nasty. It seems like most of the full Snatch work is just heavy enough to miss every set. Somehow I've been able to make the majority of these Snatches, but it's taken tons of focus. Executing good technique has been a huge challenge under the load of the program and I have a feeling when we lose some of the load the Snatches will only get heavier and more crisp. We plan to keep the pedal on the gas with the volume work for a while since I'm not lifting until summer,  but I'll be eagerly waiting for the sessions with some big weights. At the end of week 3, I made 5 sets of Snatches at 150kg and took 200kg on Clean and Jerk. This honestly felt incredible. I hadn't done a CJ that heavy in a little while and I was definitely feeling the fatigue. During the deload week we didn't work to such heavy weights on Friday in hopes that the body would be ready for 205kg in week 5 and something really fat the last week! We're also planning a front squat PR if the body is up for it so stay tuned!