2016 Grid League

For those that don't know NPGL is basically CrossFit in a team format with heavier weight, more complex gymnastics, and faster. Not saying that this makes it better or worse than CrossFit it's just different. In order to be more viewer friendly the races are shorter and condensed to a court, which in turn requires the athletes to be more anaerobic and more powerful. This is actually the only reason I'm able to even compete. I can specialize in the heaviest and most explosive movements and then tag someone else in so I can find some air to breathe and let the copious amounts of lactic acid that have built up break down. This was especially hard in Provo, Utah. With an elevation of 4,551' the effective Oxygen in the air is at about 17.6% as compared to 20.9% at sea level. So basically there's no air. On the upside, there are some amazing mountains basically everywhere you look. They were absolutely massive and dwarf any and all structures in the area. They were definitely as steep and bare as any mountains I've seen. Literally straight up in areas and almost solid rock all the way. You can sorta see how large they are here because most of these trees are full size pine trees and they look like saplings. It was pretty awesome.  

Overall the matches didn't go quite out way. We ended up 1-2. We won our first game against a really great Boston Iron. It was very close and came down to the very last race. In fact I ended up finishing some clean and jerks from behind to help us win. I had to do allot more in the match than I honestly expected. I ended up playing through the whole thing and doing TONS of barbell cycling. It about killed me. Second match that we lost was also close. We tied in regulation and then lost in "Grid Lock," which basically means your repeat the second part of the final race. The third race we got blew out by D.C. They're girls are pretty nuts. They have some strength on the women's end and the men are pretty tough too. I did way more work than I had planned, but it was allot of fun and I got to hang out with some great athletes and explore Utah a little bit. Unfortunately it may have to be my last season. Weightlifting is starting to become more of a priority and I can't afford the time off and the risk of injury. Heavy weights at full speed is definitely not safe!!!