When I decided to be a Weightlifter

In Fall of 2014 I began looking for ways to push myself competatively in different aspects of Fitness. I had been Crossfitting for probably about a year at that point and had done some local competitions and the Open once. I really wanted to find some tough competitions that required an advanced strength base because that was my strong suit. As I searched and compiled a list of competitions I would consider doing I wondered about the National Weightlifting Meets. I knew they existed as I had done a local meet for fun with some friends while training for football back in the day. I had heard them talk about the National events, but just assumed I was far from qualification from those events as I had never been a competative weightlifter and none of the lifters that I knew could qualify. Anyways, I looked at the qualifying totals and saw that with the progress I had made since the meet I had done before I was right on the brink of qualifying for the American Open. As soon as I saw that I searched for a meet to sign up for. I happened to come across the MDUSA Open / tryout. It was free so I immediately signed up. I was nervous to compete there because after doing some more research I found out that I would be competing with some really great weightlifters. So this is when I became a full time weightlifter and started exclusively training for weightlifting. I went to the MDUSA meet and lifted in shorts and a tight Dri-Fit haha! This was before I had ever bought or worn a singlet!!! Also, if I'm not mistaken, James Tatum out-snatched me at about half my body weight! What a beast!!! 

Snatches: 127kg (7:25), 137kg (7:50), 147 (8:15)

Clean and Jerks: 170kg (32:20), 180kg (33:00), 190 (33:40)

Coah: Mike Tarha, "Mighty Mike"