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Wes Kitts

American Weightlifter (-105kg) | Trainer | Coach

Accomplishing goals through hard work and guidance.

My name is Wes Kitts and I am an Olympic Weightlifter turned Coach and Personal Trainer for California Strength. Truth be told my heart is still in Tennessee but with the Godfather's (aka. Dave Spitz) guidance, my wife and dog; I've dedicated everything I have to making Tokyo 2020 a reality. 

Having began my athletic career as a football player, my background is similar to most new weightlifters joining the sport today.  Having counted on a strong work ethic and thankful for an amazing support system in my life, I have set up this website in order to help others achieve their personal and athletic goals as well as to share my weightlifting story in hope of inspiring young athletes across the country. 

Oh yeah, did I mention that I love football?  Currently I am the strength & conditioning coach for San Ramon Valley High School, just up the road from California Strength and provide programming for three High School Teams in Tennessee.

Thank you for taking the time to read my story, let's get started on something great together!

215kg Clean and Jerk


Snatch PR - 176kg | 388lbs (AR)

Snatch Training - 180KG | 396

Clean & Jerk PR - 210kg | 463lbs

Clean and Jerk Training - 216KG | 476